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College of Architecture, Art & Planning

The Arts Moving Forward

The arts are in ascendancy at Cornell. The academy is embracing the arts as important areas of knowledge as students seek to become adept at working with ideas that are increasingly native to vision and space rather than text and symbol. Advanced technologies are migrating beyond their disciplinary home turf, with digital visualization, fabrication and modeling technologies now essentially standard fare in art and architecture studios. And the studio model itself — the great gift by the arts to the academy — is now accepted as a model for the hard sciences as they begin to grapple with non-linear, iterative problems.

Without a doubt, it is an exhilarating time to be a student of the arts. The complex, motivating questions of our time cannot be tackled only by linear thinking and scientific positivism. We need to learn to see anew, and it is the arts that literally demand that we come to our senses.

– Kent Kleinman, Gale and Ira Drukier Dean
   (Remarks from speech in Manhattan)

Strategic Vision

The College of Architecture, Art, and Planning continues to be recognized as a leader in its disciplines as it strengthens its programs through stewardship and innovation.

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AAP must strive to renew the strength of its faculty in each department as more retirements of senior faculty loom ahead.  Bringing the next generation of the fields’ great teachers and designers to our faculty is key for the college to retain its reputation as an international home of excellence.


The college must continue to allow the best and brightest students from all walks of life the opportunity to study at AAP. The college is committed to further strengthening its aid for students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to enable them to join the ranks of the next generation of great architects, planners, and artists.


AAP is committed to further strengthening its studio program in New York City.  AAP NYC allows students from all three departments the chance to put their theories and learning to the test in a dense urban environment.  The college seeks to strengthen the program to allow all students to study in New York City at least one semester of their time at Cornell.

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Cornell's B.Arch. program ranked number one in DesignIntelligence's annual survey for the best architecture and design …
This year's annual CRP field trip took M.R.P. and M.A. HPP students to Detroit for a glimpse of the myriad planning and …
Morris's chapter focuses on the post-war phase of curricular reform, and the creation of unique identities of individual …
Architecture's Jenny Sabin and KunlĂ© Adeyemi are among the 10 people that comprise Metropolis magazine's New Talent 2014 …
Max Taffet (M.R.P. '14) was recently awarded the 2014 ACSP Edward McClure Award for Best Masters Student Paper.
The book features essays on aspects of the Renaissance that remain resonant throughout popular culture, new media, and …
CRP's Jennifer Minner has received a $33,650 grant from the National Park Service's National Center for Preservation …
The early years of the student group Convivium are the topic of CC:, a new publication from AAP and the Department of …
The early years of the student group Convivium are the topic of CC:, a new publication from AAP and the Department of …
The project will pilot GIS and GPS training sessions in Tanzania and Zambia, with the hopes of producing training …
The fall issue of AAP News, the college's biannual magazine, is now available at locations across campus and at AAP NYC …
Cornell in Rome and the American Academy in Rome collaborate on lectures, studio visits, and student internships.

AAP Contacts

Development Communications

Timothy Mahar

Assistant Dean


Aaron Goldweber