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Law School

Robert C. Stevens Enhances Scholarship, Professorship

Robert C. Stevens enhanced the endowment fund of the Eva Howe Stevens Scholarship in Cornell Law School with a major gift in fiscal 2014.  Named for Mr. Stevens’s step-mother Eva (his mother Pauline died in 1934, when he was eleven years old), the Eva Howe Stevens Scholarship was established by the Cornell University Board of Trustees and provides an annual tuition-assistance grant to a J.D. candidate at Cornell Law School on the basis of demonstrated scholarship and financial need.  Eva Howe Stevens was the spouse of Robert S. Stevens, the Dean of Cornell Law School from 1937 to 1954, whom she married in 1940.

In addition to his enhancement gift to the Stevens Scholarship, Mr. Stevens augmented the endowment of the Robert S. Stevens Fund, originally established by his father, Robert S. Stevens, as “Anonymous Fund #12,” and generously augmented by his step-mother Eva Howe Stevens.

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Our Vision

The mission of Cornell Law School reiterates the intention of Cornell University co-founder Ezra Cornell: we would develop a law school where any student can find instruction in any legal study.  Like most academic disciplines, law is always adjusting its approach to traditional subject matter and adding new areas of inquiry to the curriculum.  To keep pace with this evolution and to maintain the standard of “any person … any study,”

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Our Plan

To continue fulfilling its mission of educating a “fair number of well-trained, large-minded, morally-based lawyers in the best sense,” Cornell Law School seeks to accomplish an institutional transformation that will enable it to

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Our Priorities

The cornerstones of our institution—students, faculty, endowment, and physical plant—are equally important to its success.  Cornell Law School has always worked to optimize the quality and relevance of the education offered and received by enhancing the resources available to its students and faculty; to bolster its institutional endowment so that sufficient funds are available to pay salaries, provide scholarships, and maintain operations;

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Cornell Law School in the News

Robert Hockett: potential profits trumped unlikely penalties during 2009 financial meltdown.
Lynn Stout: "I think this really is a big deal, and it’s overdue." Transcript & video.
Robert Hockett: "BofA knows it is vulnerable and wishes to get this episode behind it as quickly as possible."
George Hay: antitrust issue is highly unlikely.
Valerie Hans warns against "overly clever and indirect lines of questioning."
Odette Lienau: "At this point, it's all very much political theater as opposed to a real plan."
Michael Dorf: “selective perception" phenomenon complicates interpretations of camera's-eye view.
Jens Ohlin: police should discriminate between peaceful protestors and rioters.
Jens Ohlin describes the legal due process of grand jury empanelment.
Robert Hockett posits "no rule by bigots" as cornerstone of "unified strategic vision for American Middle East policy."
Jehns Ohlin parses the important from the crucial.
Lynn Stout comments on the "personhood" of corporations.
Michael Dorf: promissory estoppel protects academic freedom of Steven Salaita, "un-hired" by University of Illinois.
Jens Ohlin: Obama needs congressional permission to extend military action beyond provisions of War Powers Act.
Jens Ohlin: investigators will have to reconstruct scene, positions, movements.
Margulies: court's ruling "a rebuke of the entire criminal conspiracy that was the 'extraordinary rendition program.'"
Michael Dorf on the nature and limitations of law school pedagogy.
Lynn Stout: S&P 500 companies have earned less, had shorter life-spans using this model
Satanic Temple case "seems self-consciously political and theatrical," says Eduardo Peñalver.
Stephen Yale-Loehr: "expanding DACA fall within the president’s inherent immigration authority.”
John Blume: lethal injection method “not only foolish but cruel."
Robert Hockett: money should go to victims of fraud.
"The reality is that Asian Americans tend to have more girls than white Americans," says Sital Kalantry.
Michael Dorf cites "textualism" as source of Washington court's denial of Obamacare subsidies.
Robert Hockett sets argument for eminent-domain seizure in Depression-era context.
Michael Dorf identifies "insuperable obstacle" for House Republicans.
Stephen Yale-Loehr examines the options for dealing with the more than 50,000 children.
House Republican lawsuit vs. President a "legitimate move" aimed to garner "publicity," says Josh Chafetz.
Michael Dorf proposes eight options for providing an accommodation to individual religious conscience.
Robert Hockett: "Citi will end up bringing in rents from people who used to own homes."
Charles Whitehead: don't short-sell illiquid stocks "unless you're prepared for the consequences."
Hockett: principal-reduction key element to providing relief to failing mortgages.
Yale-Loehr: "It is about changing the hearts and minds of people fleeing violence and severe persecution.”
Michael Dorf: Chief Justice building "legitimacy" through partial accommodations.
Stephen Yale-Loehr: plenary power doctrine gives President broad authority over immigration policy.
Estimated 12% of all NYC mortgaged homes "in serious crisis."
Calls out Cornell as place of "My most formative intellectual experiences."
Stephen Yale-Loehr comments on prospects of immigration reform.
Robert Hockett: "If their homes are underwater, then ... the people who drive real growth have negative net worth.”
Distinguished Professor of Corporate and Business Law Lynn Stout cited three times in June 23 decision.

At Myron Taylor Hall

Jason Beekman: "signature event" offers "chance to reconnect" and "build our community."
"Spring chickens grow fast and they learn very quickly," says Eduardo M. Peñalver, new Allan R. Tessler Dean.
See the sights of this June's festivities.
Exceptional student research and writing recognized by Law Librarians.
"Allowing H-1B spouses to work would be an important change," says Stephen Yale-Loehr.
Professor recognized by Women's Law Coalition for "an outstanding commitment to the women of Cornell."
Law alumni from range of practice areas offer students advice and guidance.
New wing encourages "clarity," "openness," and "accessibility" says Stewart Schwab.
Barbara Holden-Smith credits outgoing dean Stewart Schwab with building project's fruition.
WLC president Christine Kim calls event, “the highlight of the year for members of the Women’s Law Coalition.”
Record number of visitors attend 2014 Admitted Student Day/Diversity Weekend.
Cornell Law Library shows off some of its bobblehead collection.
“Every year I am so impressed by the commitment and talent demonstrated by the awardees,” says Karen Comstock.
Peñalver calls Law School "diverse, intellectually rigorous, and exceptionally collegial."
Crafting stimulating careers, finding job satisfaction are key points.
Torres called "scholar and public intellectual" by Dean Stewart Schwab.
Avon Foundation president Carol Kurzig announces a new $600,000 gift at conference.
"Moot court for deals lawyers" prepares students to face "steep learning curve" after graduation.
Cristina Quinones-Betancourt J.D. Class of 2014 sees "violence and uncertainty" ahead for LGBT persons.
“Reflections on the Human Rights Movement” is Berger Lecture.
"One of the giants of contemporary torts scholars” says Law School Dean Stewart Schwab.
Studious beauty explains convergence of law study, pageant competition.
Sun-Uk Kim's work cited as "a model and an inspiration” by Annelise Riles.
"One intense weekend makes it easier for the students to learn,” says Lynn Stout.
“Disability and Gender in Ethiopia: A Conversation with Two Ethiopian Women” presented at Law School.
Cornell Law students, faculty decide winners.
Bangladesh Supreme Court Justice calls traditional practice "disastrous" for individuals and nation.
Death Penalty Project reaches 12-year mark in representation of intellectually-disabled South Carolina man.
Call for Nominations ~ 8th Annual Alumni Public Service Awards
Be a brand. Be flexible. Have passion. Be confident. Connect.
"I genuinely believe in their cause,” says Steve Shiffrin of Free Speech for People, co-founded by Jeff Clements J.D.'88.
Daphna Hacker of Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law speaks at Cornell Law School.
New faculty expected by Dean Schwab to "bring great energy and vision to the Law School.”
Teaching animal-rights seminar at Cornell Law School leads Sherry Colb to write book.
Professor Dennis Altman, La Trobe University, on Australia's federal election results.
Former Justice Albie Sachs Delivers Lecture on the Landmark Decision
Michael Dorf: threat of military action is "key motivator" in prompting diplomatic cooperation of Assad.

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